When Rocio arrived to England 25 years ago, she found work as an art student with several top frame-makers such us Arnold Wiggins, Riccardo Giacherini, F A Pollack, and Stephen Jones, who introduced her to the business and helped her to mastering the craft.

After gaining much experience, she decided to combine this with her artist experience to offer a high quality, bespoke picture framing service to galleries, artists, private collectors and businesses.

All  frames produced at R E Bucheli Workshop are made in wood, with different materials such as oak as this is ideal for a natural or stained finish, also obeche and jeluton woods that can be gessoed  prior to gilding or painting. Hence a bespoke frame finish can be achieved that compliments the artwork that sits inside.

At R E Bucheli Workshop we believe this is important because a frame not only protects and supports the art work, but also helps to display it with maximum impact. This significantly contributes to the enjoyment of the framed artwork.

We have a wide selection of mouldings to choose from, and all frames are made from high quality materials to contain your artwork. We only use conservation standard mounts (if required) to maximise the life of your artwork, and a wide range of tones are available.


Reproduction, Restoration and Gilding

Using traditional skills and methods in fine framing, the surface of the frame can be gessoed and prepared before painting or  gilding, as this creates a cushion for the gold leaf and helps to achieve the desired texture if painted.

When the frame has been made we apply several coats of gesso,  made with glue, chalk and whiting,  applied with a brush to giving the desirable texture. This gesso is sanded if we want to achieve a smooth finish, and then we apply coats of bole (clay) in yellow, red or other colours as required to achieve the final finishes in the painted or gilded frame. 

We usually apply the gold using water gilding techniques as this will allow us to distress the gold and give it an antique finish. Alternatively the oil gilding technique can be used to achieve a solid finish.

The white or yellow gold, or silver, needs to have a final coating to protect it, and achieve the high quality finish that the client requested.