Drawing takes different forms and context opening a new path in my practice; consolidating my work and exploring a new language allowing to free ideas, objects and elements which I have worked and can be connected and at the same time be playful to the viewers.
There is a period of preliminary studies and thoughts of the subject and interest, which allow ones mind to concentrate, to observe and absorb from the daily life experiences and visions. Allowing then to reflect the suitable work of the time. The unconscious and the conscious take part on the creation of dynamic patterns in all thing living and in human relationship. Sometimes can began with a specific subject or the contrary a subject can appear after the execution.
In conclusion to describe “Net Work” as based on ideas inspired by dynamic free forms, as expressed. Works include processes of creation and destruction, attraction and repulsion, and contours combining together to form topographical boundaries. The drawings are essentially dynamic formations, and as such can give the impression of a frozen moment, of a process caught at a particular instant of time, or in a more abstract sense, of the principle of energy engaging with that of form. Viewed superficially as having relatively simple configurations, they have a high degree of content.

Original Drawings Ink and Pen on paper.

  One of each one Available in:

A4 (210 x 297 mm) £150     A3 (297 x 420) £180    A1 (594 x 841 mm) £400

“Holocaust” Ink and Pen on Paper A4 and A1
“Farmer” Ink and Pen  A3 and A1
“Bird Watching”   A3 and A1
“Allegory” I  A13 and A1
“The Trill of the Hunt”  A4 and A1
“Putting Down Boots” A4 and A1
“Rabbit’s Pray” A4 and A1
“Circus” A3 and A1
“Come to a Head” A4 and A1
“Historical Minstrel” A1 and A4
“Pinkfloyd” A4 and A1
“Chase” A1 and A4
“Wild and Woolly” A4 and A1
“The Beast Head” A4 and A1
“Artist’s Flower” A4 and A1
“Travellers” A4 and A1
“One Eye” A4 and A1
“Allegory 2” A1 sold and A4 available