Friends of RWA Biennial Exhibition

I am pleased of taking part in the RWA biennial exhibition I am participating with one of my original creation “Man Head”  that combines classic design, ancient technique of water gilding and inclusion of my automatic drawings from the theme “Here and Now” . The finished frame in oxidised silver complements the art work creating and intriguing piece that you can’t forget after you seen it!

The Biennial exhibition at RWA Bristol will be open from Saturday 13 April – Sunday 2019 – (closed on Mondays)

“Man Head”  (330 x 400 mm)

William Balthazar Rose Paintings

William Balthazar Rose had one of his first UK exhibitions at the R E Bucheli Gallery when it was based in Bath. The exhibition helped substantiate William’s local reputation, and he is thrilled to be exhibiting with Rocio once again in her Bristol location.

Painting has never been so flavorful or volatile! William Balthazar Rose’s vision expressed in his series of extraordinary figurative paintings inspired by the Cook delves into the subconscious and mysterious. The ingredients are ironic and mystical, the impact disturbing and humorous.

The artist is known internationally and has been collected by such celebrities as Michel Roux, Jr., Jeremy Clarkson and the American painter Wayne Thiebaud. Many of the paintings have been painted in Italy where he resides with his wife and two children.